About us

2LiveFashion was founded by Cedric Reathi in May of 2017 under its first name AUTHENTICOG1984 on Instagram. In July the name was changed to 2LIVEFASHION and 3 weeks later Stefan Pieprzyk joined the company.
Both of their origins are deeply rooted in the hip-hop culture and community, as Cedric is a famed graffiti artist and Stefan was a member of the known rap label ATZEN MUSIK. The authenticity of the company was and is the number one criteria a that they build their company on.
After dabbling in different locations in Moabit and Friedrichshain, they finally found their destined spot in Schöneberg. An exclusive "by- appointment- only" showroom with hangout corners and basketball hoops, more of a tollhouse, filled with awesome clothing than an actual showroom.